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15.000.000 €

Byzantio Centre (residences & mall) project or 'MEGARO BYZANTIO' as it’s Greek name is, comprising a functional combination of shops, offices, residences and underground car parking.ΑRXITEX undertook the exploitation of a 2.300 m2 plot in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, delivering a commercial area of 6.000m.sq and a residential of 1.250m.sq; using the 30 years know-how we created this high quality and unrivalled aesthetic beauty project.

The project was named (Byzantio) after the location it was build, as this is the name that locals are using for the area. The development consists of two buildings; the mall – a five storey superstructure of shops and offices, with a three storey sub-structure of a car parking. As quality and excellence is two basic ARXITEX’s principals, the premises are constructed with the best materials. White marble floors, ready but flexible working stations with all supplies, internal fibre cables connections and ready-to-install call centre infrastructures. Of course all amenities, such as kitchens and bathrooms, are also available, along with state of the art for the air climate system.

The second building, is also a five storey super structure of flats with a three storey sub-structure of car parking, storage rooms and the building’s mechanical/engine rooms. Based on the above, it is easy to see that this is a quality-wise upgraded project, in the implementation of which special emphasis has been given on the application of strict technical and aesthetic specifications. The project is already a pole of attraction and will contribute to the further development of the particular area of eastern Thessaloniki.