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Car parking building in Volos

Budget 12.000.000€ tax included

Car parking building in Volos

The multi-storey car parking building at the intersection of Dimitriados – Filellinon streets was constructed on a plot of 1,300 square meters in the commercial center of the city of Volos and was completed in 2021.

With a budget of 10,400,000 Euros and a capacity of 252 seats, the multi-storey parking building with a total area of ​​13,500 square meters was constructed using the top down method within a perimeter stake and consists of 15 floors of mixed construction, of which 7 below sea level, 3 below sea level. shops and 7 above-ground floors, which are connected by two independent car ramps, two stairwells and two 15-stop elevators.

Guided by safety and functionality, the multi-storey car park has all its modern surveillance systems (parking management system, BMS building management system, CO control system, fire detection and active fire protection system) as well as special areas for electromechanical equipment (fire engine, non-mechanical fans, couple power room).