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Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki

10.270.000 €

The building of the Museum of Byzantine Culture is considered one of the best works of public architecture created in the last decades in Greece. Off competition ( and unfortunately after the pass away of its renowned architect Kyriakos Krokos), it was awarded a special distinction by an international committee at the ‘Awards 2000’ competition of the Greek Institute of Architecture, being characterized as “exemplary in its kind” and “a worthy example of public building, in the Public Works category”. In 2001 it was listed by the Ministry of Culture as a historical monument and a work of art.It was constructedbetween 1990 and 1993 and the budget was up to 10.27 million Euros.

The Museum of Byzantine Civilization of Thessaloniki, was built on a 15.439 square meters plot and the building itself covers a surface of 5.371 square meters. The total space of the museum covers 11.500 square meters, of which 2.727 are for the permanent exhibitions and the rest for storing spaces, conservation workshops, administration offices and other auxiliary spaces. The Museum has an independent wing of 4.211 square meters for temporary exhibitions, a space dedicated to educational activities, an amphitheatre of 62 seats and a cafe-restaurant. In the administration building there is a bigger amphitheatre of 167 seats.