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The Mandania Tower is located in the area of Aspropotamos, Trikala, and was named after a “mantany” (a hydro-engineered wooden structure that was used for the treatment of woollen fabrics with bangs) that existed at the same location. It’s a construction made with hand carved stone, in the same way as the well-known stone-built mansions of the widen area were built. The roof is also made of stone-plaques and chiselled in a design, like the old years.

After a complete destruction in a part of the premises due to fire, it was necessary to renovate the damaged areas and to immediately restore the bearing structure of the building (a mix of reinforced concrete and metal construction). A project, apparently simple in the first view but, with great challenges in the aftermath.  Due to the nature of the buildings, the reconstruction have to be harmonized with the existing ones, creating the least possible nuisance to the facilities’ users and to other structures. On top of that, there was a very restricted delivery time for the project, as the company needed to operate these facilities as soon as possible.

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